Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Puppy Precise: Ubuntu Precise in a different flavor

Last week I reviewed Puppy Lucid, derived from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Today I tested the Puppy Precise beta2, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS derivative. A slightly bigger file (142 MB), you can get the iso from http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/test/precise-5.2.60/. Like Slacko and Lucid, it booted nicely and fast. The desktop interface is usual puppy linux.

Applications installed are similar to Puppy Slacko. You can get the details here http://mylinuxexplore.blogspot.in/2012/06/light-linux-distribution-series-puppy.html. Only difference with Lucid is the access to Ubuntu Precise repositories for applications and updates.

The distro is, as usual, very light but uses slightly more RAM and CPU than Puppy Lucid or Slacko. However, in my P4 1.5 GB RAM/2.4 GHz computer, multitasking was possible with ease. I worked on a word document with Firefox running and Gnome media player playing a video. Gnumeric was also open. All these with 20-40% CPU usage and 1 GB RAM.

Overall, I guess, we are looking forward to a very efficient distro in the coming release. I am personally very eager to try it out. But, may be at this point I won't be replacing my debian squeeze. However, once the support end for the distros I am currently using (Debian & Xubuntu), I may consider having Puppy (updated version) as my main OS.

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