Monday, November 21, 2011

[SOLVED] Sify disconnects often in Ubuntu: What to do?

Once I started using Ubuntu OS, my biggest headache was Sify broadband connection. The Linux client provided by Sify would disconnect on and often. Normally every night I download movies and that gives me the mental peace that I'm utilizing my unlimited connection to the fullest extent.
However, I could not do so for past few days. And I'm no programmer.
Finally after much searching for a couple of days, I found a permanent solution - no more logging out of Sify. Now whenever my computer starts, I'm logged in automatically and practically never logged out unless I wish so.

Here I am adding today the crack to Sify. Download the SuperSify client from and save it in a folder. Unzip it at /home. Unzipping at home is a convenient option as you don't have to change directory every time you would like to open Sify.

Now you have to do this with your internet connection on. I am assuming it to be on, otherwise you won't be able to download SuperSify.

Check if you have got Java installed by typing "java" at the terminal. If not, go to terminal and type the following to download Java
sudo apt-get install gcj-4.4-jre-headless

Once you are through with Java installation, you need to get the MAC address of your PC, as the Java we installed is lower than version 6.

To get MAC address at the terminal type:


It will throw up a lot of things over your face. Look for HWaddr in the same. It will be given like


Copy the MAC ID and replace ":" by "-" in Tomboy notes or whichever notepad you are using.

Now you are ready to use SuperSify.

Hit terminal and type the following

./ -u ubuntu_ghost -p ubuntu -m xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx

Replace ubuntu_ghost with your username and ubuntu with your password. Finally put the mac address recorded in the format "xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx" after -m.

Hit enter and you would be connected to Sify in about a minute or so. With the Linux client of Sify (Sifyconnect) the connection is fast - SuperSify takes sometime. However, unlike Sifyconnect, SuperSify doesn't disconnect.

To log out, type at the terminal
./ -l

If you want a ready-made autologin client from SuperSify, it is also possible. Just click on the desktop, choose Create Launcher, then in the launcher menu make it
Application in Terminal
Name: SuperSify Client
Command: ./ -u ubuntu_ghost -p ubuntu -m xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
(Remember to replace with your -u username -p password -m MAC address)
Comment: Anything which you want to write

Save it and now you have a ready-made auto-login client. No need at all to hit the terminal.
Similarly you can create a log out client as well.

SuperSify is really good, never disconnects. But it is meant for customers with unlimited connection only. Even after logging out, I have seen internet to work at times which may be costly for normal users. I have unlimited internet package from Sify and I am enjoying every bit of it. Hope my experience with SuperSify helps you.

The solution has helped my better half as well. She had expressed her discontent of being logged out time and again and logging back through terminal as a mental agony for quite sometime. She was really pleased with the ready-made auto-login I designed for her. SuperSify rocks!

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