Monday, November 21, 2011

Precise Pangolin - Ubuntu 12.04 CD images are out

You can download Ubuntu 12.04 beta from here.

But the CD image is over 700 mb (which the developers claim is a bug) and hence, needs to be burn in a DVD or a Pen drive to try it out. Further, it is a long term version.

I am eager to try it out next week. Unity would be there along with Gnome. Though I prefer LXDE for speed but definitely I would try it out and put a few snapshots of the beta build.

Hope it will be fun, as it has always been with Ubuntu. I tried several Linux distros; some have more speed than Ubuntu but nothing seems more complete and so easy to install like an Ubuntu distro. For a new Windows to Linux convert, Ubuntu is simply the best and miles ahead of other distros. My personal opinion, of course.

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